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I found a new product and loved it so much I decided to post about it. These Gluten Free Chicken Patties from Golden Platter All Natural are by far my favorite gluten-free chicken patties. The company also makes Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Tenders that I’m dying to try.

I bought a package of the Chicken Patties at my local grocery store, and my whole family has been fighting over them. We made Lettuce Wrapped Chicken Patty Sandwiches with them and enjoyed every savory bite!

The chicken patties do not say “Dairy Free” on the package, but I see no dairy ingredients listed. If you want to make this sandwich dairy-free as well, omit the cheese or use a substitute.

IGF_POST_ChickenSandwich Ingredients:

4 Golden Platter Gluten Free Chicken Patties

8 large green leaf lettuce leaves, rinsed and dried

2 large tomatoes, sliced

1 large avocado, sliced

4 slices swiss cheese

Honey Mustard Sauce

1/4 cup mayonaise

1/8 cup yellow mustard

1 tablespoon honey



  1. Cook Chicken Patty according to directions on package.
  2. Make Honey Mustard Sauce by stirring together sauce ingredients.
  3. Assemble each sandwich with a lettuce leaf on the bottom, and then layer the cheese, tomatoes, avocado, sauce and chicken patty. Top with lettuce leaf and wrap to eat.

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