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Irresistibly Gluten Free gives you the basics you need to cook gluten-free foods that you and your family will want to eat. With Irresistibly Gluten Free: Simple Family Favorite Recipes, you don’t have to give up the foods you love, and you don’t have to compromise on taste or texture. You may, however, have to fight off the wheat-eaters.

In Irresistibly Gluten Free you will find:

UNflour: UNflour is the gluten-free flour mix that is used throughout Irresistibly Gluten Free. It gives everything it’s delicious taste and texture. It’s simple to make and easy to use and can even be used beyond the recipes in this cookbook. You’ll love cooking with UNflour.

Mixes: Irresistibly Gluten Free will give you tips on making the UnFlour mix and mixes for many of the other recipes. This can be a huge time and money saver.

Recipes: In this cookbook you’ll find simple recipes for basics like bread, rolls, pancakes, pizza crust, and more. You’ll also get other favorites like doughnuts and graham crackers. (Ever tried a s’more with no cracker? You don’t have to.)

Recipes include:


Hamburger Buns


Corn Bread





Chicken Nuggets

Corn Dogs

Sugar Cookies



Cinnamon Rolls

Graham Crackers

and More

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About the Author


Christina Davis had always been told by medical professionals that her wheat intolerance was “all in her head.” As it turns out, they were wrong; it was all in her digestive system.

Christina always knew she had issues with bread and pasta, but didn’t learn she was celiac until she was 21. She is now married with six children, three of which are also celiac.

Christina has learned that you don’t have to give up your favorite foods to eat gluten free. She embarked on a quest to create gluten-free foods that taste good, are simple to make, and most importantly, are foods her kids will eat. She has now been cooking gluten free for 15 years and helping others along the way to make the transition. This cookbook has evolved from the recipes she most frequently uses and shares with others who are looking for support.

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