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I found a new product and loved it so much I decided to post about it. These Gluten Free Chicken Patties from Golden Platter All Natural are by far my favorite gluten-free chicken patties. The company also makes Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Tenders that I’m dying to try.

I bought a package of the Chicken Patties at my local...

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I was walking through Walmart the other day and saw this new product. I’ve tried “No-Boil” Lasagna using wheat noodles before, but this was the first time I’d seen Gluten-Free, No-Boil Lasagna Noodles.

So, to save ya’ll from having to buy these in fear and trepidation, (yes, I’m a fraidy-cat when it comes to new gluten free products, now you...

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Have you suffered a failed attempt at preparing gluten-free pasta? It can be a challenge to get it al-dente. More often it goes mushy right? Or it sticks together and you get hard spots. I’ve been there.

After hearing the frustrations of some of my facebook friends I thought I’d do a little post sharing some of the tricks I’ve found that work well when boiling...

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There was a time when I made my own barbecue sauce because nothing on the grocery shelf was good enough, but Sweet Baby Ray’s has changed that. Now the most delicious of dinners is an easy regular.

This is so easy I hardly consider it a recipe. But believe me, your family will think you’re amazing when you serve these delicious B-B-Q Pork Ribs. Sweet Baby Ray’s...

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My husband LOVES a good Mushroom Burger, so for Father’s Day this year we made some. Using the Creamy Mushroom Soup Mix from Wheat Free Nutrition it was easy, and delicious.

This soup mix is very versatile, creamy, and has a great mushroom flavor. We have used it in casseroles and loved it. And it is dairy-free as well! (click...

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Using the Mango Chipotle Rub from Starlight Herb & Spice Co. I was able to make a fabulous meal in 10 minutes!

I can’t wait to try this rub in more recipes. It has a sweet mango flavor at first, followed by a spicy chipotle flavor that leaves your mouth just the right amount of hot....

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Here in Logan we have Summerfest Arts Faire in June. I went yesterday, and among the beautiful art and jewelry I found a booth that really got my creative juices flowing!

The company is called Starlight Herb & Spice Co.  They sell chemical and pesticide free spices and...

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Have you tried GLUTINO pretzels? They are AMAZING! The other night as I was munching on some I thought to myself “Wow, these pretzels are good. But they would be great with some caramel and some chocolate!”

So here is my little concoction, born of a wicked late-night craving.

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My  son Keaton has a thing for Winger’s Amazing Sauce. He puts it on anything! As much as I like the sauce, I can’t quite eat it on waffles like he does.

But I LOVE it on pork. It is tangy and spicy, just right for a sweet and spicy pork roast. And best of all, it is made with gluten-free ingredients.

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Here is a favorite little trick I do to make easy meals that are under $10 each. It all starts with a Jennie-O Blue Ribbon Oven Roasted Shaving Turkey Breast which I buy at Sam’s Club.

It is a pre-cooked, gluten-free turkey roast I usually find near the spiral-cut hams and sliced cheeses.

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