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One bite of a S’more and the whole thing breaks into pieces! Am I right? Chocolate and gooey marshmallow oozing all over your hands. If you are a mother I don’t have to explain this to you. You have experienced first hand how messy S’mores can be. Well, now we gluten-free mothers have an advantage.

We have found that making the Graham Cracker recipe in Irresistibly...

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Finding a decent lunch to take to work can be a pain. I find myself envying my co-workers who can just pop a frozen entree into the microwave and enjoy a meal in minutes.

So I decided to try making my own gluten-free entrees. The trick was finding a container that could go in the freezer and the microwave, and then the trash. I decided to try paper bowls, and was happy to find...

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Have you suffered a failed attempt at preparing gluten-free pasta? It can be a challenge to get it al-dente. More often it goes mushy right? Or it sticks together and you get hard spots. I’ve been there.

After hearing the frustrations of some of my facebook friends I thought I’d do a little post sharing some of the tricks I’ve found that work well when boiling...

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Lately I’ve been running into more and more situations where other people are involved in feeding my gluten free kids. Just the other day I sent two of my sons to different Boy Scout camps. Trying to communicate the complexities of this diet left me concerned.

To solve this problem I decided to make a card that explained what my kids can and can’t eat, and made it...

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If you are new to the gluten-free diet you are probably feeling overwhelmed right now. Well, I would like to help if I can. This page contains basic information about Celiac and Gluten Sensitivity, as well as links to articles and other sources to help you start the diet.

Understanding Gluten Intolerance

To help...

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The dreaded Science Fair project….ug right?!

Well, this year my boys did a project I found very interesting. They ran some experiments to see if they could get gluten-free bread to stay moist beyond two days.

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I’m no mathematician. Dividing and multiplying fractions makes me feel like I’ve lost 1/2 my mind! So just to prove to all of my past math teachers that I will NEVER use math in real life, I’ve made a couple cheat sheets I use when cooking.

I keep these “Cooking Measures” charts on my fridge and refer to them often. Anyone who does a lot of cooking...

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Here is a favorite little trick I do to make easy meals that are under $10 each. It all starts with a Jennie-O Blue Ribbon Oven Roasted Shaving Turkey Breast which I buy at Sam’s Club.

It is a pre-cooked, gluten-free turkey roast I usually find near the spiral-cut hams and sliced cheeses.

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I have had a few people email and ask me if there is a way to make UNflour without corn. Cornstarch is a key ingredient, so I was not sure how it would work.

Then I got a call from a dear friend last week who found she is allergic to both gluten and corn. She said she was “starving” and I believe her. So I tried making a couple of recipes from Irresistibly Gluten...

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I was only 21 years old when I received the life-changing news. That day, I found out I would never eat another sandwich, cookie, or a piece of pizza again. Can you believe I was actually relieved?

I was exhausted from trying to figure out what was making me so sick. My doctor diagnosed me with celiac disease, a condition where my own body attacks...

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