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Lately I’ve been running into more and more situations where other people are involved in feeding my gluten free kids. Just the other day I sent two of my sons to different Boy Scout camps. Trying to communicate the complexities of this diet left me concerned.

To solve this problem I decided to make a card that explained what my kids can and can’t eat, and made it...

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I’m no mathematician. Dividing and multiplying fractions makes me feel like I’ve lost 1/2 my mind! So just to prove to all of my past math teachers that I will NEVER use math in real life, I’ve made a couple cheat sheets I use when cooking.

I keep these “Cooking Measures” charts on my fridge and refer to them often. Anyone who does a lot of cooking...

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I know every celiac has at least one story like this:

My family attended an overnight event where we shared a kitchen with other families. I got up early the first morning so I could make some gluten-free waffles for my kids while the others had pancakes. As people woke up and came to the kitchen we were greeted with oohs and aahs over the smell of breakfast. Many wanted waffles, so I had to explain...

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Let’s face it, store bought gluten free products just don’t taste that great. Fresh homemade food from Irresistibly Gluten Free simply kicks the pants off anything you can buy. But it does take some time and effort to cook. And many of us are not use to spending so much time in the kitchen. So I have come up with a system that not only saves you time in the kitchen, but saves you money...

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Thank you for visiting IrresistiblyGlutenFree.com. In time this site will be filled with GF recipes, cooking tips, downloadable mix labels, and more.

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