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After spending some years in Asia, my son wanted me to figure out how to make the curry he had grown to love. Without the use of the typical curry cubed seasoning (which is NOT gluten free,) it took some research, and trial and error. But in the end, we got a curry he said was spot on.

I have grown to love curry as much as my son. . . I mean, as much as he does. (As good as this curry is, I do still...

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Sweet and Salty like you’ve never tasted before! With Malt-o-Meal Cereals taking their Crispy Rice gluten free, we’ve been on a rice crispy treat frenzy around here. Sunday nights are now Rice Crispy Treat Night thanks to my daughter and my husband. I find this a worthy hobby, and highly recommend it remains a tradition.

This recipe is the favorite so far!

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Want to make a good dinner great? Just jazz it up with this Coconut Lime Rice! We love it as a side dish, for instance, with Grilled Lime Chicken and Shrimp or Yogurt Chicken, or used to replace plain steamed rice in Sweet...

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I have searched long and worked hard to find a good Gluten-Free Lemon Bar. Some of my attempts to create the perfect recipe have turned out okay, and others have failed completely. Finally, I have reached success! It was a difficult and messy journey to be sure, and I would love to tell you more of the “Lemon Bar Saga,” but I can’t talk right now, my mouth is full of Lemony Goodness!

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I’ve found my favorite Taco Soup recipe, and not just because it is a very simple Crock-Pot recipe, but mostly because the flavor is out of this world. Some of my kids tend to balk at soup, but even my soup-picky kid liked this one.

This soup is dairy (casein) free as well as long as you use dairy-free toppings.

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I’ve found my zen!

Beef and Broccoli has always been a favorite of mine. I’ve tried making it a few times  before, and never found it quite as good as it is in a nice chinese restaurant. (Could be because I leave out all the MSG?)

But this recipe hit the mark. The beef is tender and the sauce has just the right flavor, and the broccoli...

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Even adults will find themselves  begging for Mac & Cheese with this tasty twist on an old favorite.

Using Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta Penne, I made the Mac and topped it with this easy, yet amazing Parmesan Cheese sauce. I also added a can of chicken and had a fast dinner everyone loved.

This dish goes great with Bread...

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I wish the photo could capture how truly amazing this dish is! I know it doesn’t seem much to look at, but one bite and you’d be hooked. The crispy coating, the zing of orange with the dependable charm of beef are a powerful combination.

Just a few days after making this for the first time I had my family ask if I was making it again. I had found some inexpensive...

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I found a new product and loved it so much I decided to post about it. These Gluten Free Chicken Patties from Golden Platter All Natural are by far my favorite gluten-free chicken patties. The company also makes Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Tenders that I’m dying to try.

I bought a package of the Chicken Patties at my local...

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My youngest doesn’t like chocolate, so I  had to find a new kind of cookie for him to enjoy other than chocolate chip cookies. Since he loves Banana Bread, I thought I should try making a Banana Cookie. Well, it was a hit!

The fact that these cookies were simple, tasty, and easily made dairy free made them a shoo-in for the website.

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