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Sweet and Salty like you’ve never tasted before! With Malt-o-Meal Cereals taking their Crispy Rice gluten free, we’ve been on a rice crispy treat frenzy around here. Sunday nights are now Rice Crispy Treat Night thanks to my daughter and my husband. I find this a worthy hobby, and highly recommend it remains a tradition.

This recipe is the favorite so far!

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Want to make a good dinner great? Just jazz it up with this Coconut Lime Rice! We love it as a side dish, for instance, with Grilled Lime Chicken and Shrimp or Yogurt Chicken, or used to replace plain steamed rice in Sweet...

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I have searched long and worked hard to find a good Gluten-Free Lemon Bar. Some of my attempts to create the perfect recipe have turned out okay, and others have failed completely. Finally, I have reached success! It was a difficult and messy journey to be sure, and I would love to tell you more of the “Lemon Bar Saga,” but I can’t talk right now, my mouth is full of Lemony Goodness!

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I’ve found my favorite Taco Soup recipe, and not just because it is a very simple Crock-Pot recipe, but mostly because the flavor is out of this world. Some of my kids tend to balk at soup, but even my soup-picky kid liked this one.

This soup is dairy (casein) free as well as long as you use dairy-free toppings.

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I’ve found my zen!

Beef and Broccoli has always been a favorite of mine. I’ve tried making it a few times  before, and never found it quite as good as it is in a nice chinese restaurant. (Could be because I leave out all the MSG?)

But this recipe hit the mark. The beef is tender and the sauce has just the right flavor, and the broccoli...

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Even adults will find themselves  begging for Mac & Cheese with this tasty twist on an old favorite.

Using Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta Penne, I made the Mac and topped it with this easy, yet amazing Parmesan Cheese sauce. I also added a can of chicken and had a fast dinner everyone loved.

This dish goes great with Bread...

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I wish the photo could capture how truly amazing this dish is! I know it doesn’t seem much to look at, but one bite and you’d be hooked. The crispy coating, the zing of orange with the dependable charm of beef are a powerful combination.

Just a few days after making this for the first time I had my family ask if I was making it again. I had found some inexpensive...

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I found a new product and loved it so much I decided to post about it. These Gluten Free Chicken Patties from Golden Platter All Natural are by far my favorite gluten-free chicken patties. The company also makes Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Tenders that I’m dying to try.

I bought a package of the Chicken Patties at my local...

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My youngest doesn’t like chocolate, so I  had to find a new kind of cookie for him to enjoy other than chocolate chip cookies. Since he loves Banana Bread, I thought I should try making a Banana Cookie. Well, it was a hit!

The fact that these cookies were simple, tasty, and easily made dairy free made them a shoo-in for the website.

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I planned to make this easy, yet amazing cake this afternoon. My son and his friend have the day off of school so they can job shadow a professional. The job shadowing plans fell through, so I have become the professional and they are job shadowing me while I make this Orange Bundt Cake and put together this post.

Let me just tell you, I don’t feel too professional. I haven’t...

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